Arkansas 2011


Arkansas 2011

In September 2011 Mike and his buddies Tri and Ryan went on a three day backpacking  adventure in Arkansas.  This was the first time backpacking experience for the young Ryan and Tri. Mike, the old guy, has many miles of experience under his belt. They had a blast!

Ryan, Tri, and Mike. Thumbs up. Loaded up and ready to go!

Unpacking and getting the gear ready.

Official Sign.

Tri. Looking serious.

They begin.


The trail.

Photo stop.

Moment of decision?  Which way? 

Mike works on a "techno" problem.

Camp refreshment.

Camp set up.

Tri not looking confident about his meal or is this his coffee?

Mike, skillful camp chef at work.

The fire.


Tri warming up.

Tri roasting his wet sock over the campfire.
It became so "toasty" it burned a hole in it!
It was discovered that he is a bit of a pyromaniac.

Mike looking "spastic"

The crossing area.  Practice needed.

 Mr. "Balance" practicing for the crossing.

Discussing the crossing.

Ryan "trips across" with grace....

Tri crosses with his own "style".

Documenting the crossing

Another trail marker.


Ryan looking "ragged".


Looks like rain!

Mike along the trail.

Cloud cover over the valley.

Trail marker. A good sign.

Another thumbs up.


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