Freddie's funeral


Freddie's funeral

Freddie, Mike's dad, died February  8, 2009. He is buried in the Carnegie Cemetery in Carnegie Oklahoma next to Jo his wife.  Here are a few photos taken at various meeting places during the several days we were there. Although it was sad and many tears were shed, it was also a time of family reunion and drawing close to each other. Freddie was all about family. He would rejoice in the special connections that were made that week among family and friends.

Freddie as a young man

Freddie in 2007
Below are the pictures from his funeral.

Funeral Home in Carnegie, Ok.

Transportation to cemetery

Beautiful flowers were sent by SO many loved ones..







Deb and cousin Lynn

Mike, Deb, Cousins Brent and Linda

Jesse, Brent, Diane, Mike, Pat, Lynn at funeral home.

Pat, Lynn, Deb

Brent and Diane

Pat, Lynn, Jesse, Deb, Kathie, Carl, Sharene, Brent, Linda, Mike, Diane

At the cemetery the evening before the funeral.

We find markers of many family members.

Gravesite service was held by Pastor Arthur Blount

Mike, Linda, Tricia, Cindy

Jan, Lori

Linda, Carolyn, Scott, Carl

Calvert Dukes almost 90 yrs. old!

Sweet cousins Darla, Linda, and Carla

The Lindseys

More family...

Cousin Tom and his "hot-rod" cycle.

Deb and Jan

The "gathering" at Pizza Hut.

We visit Freddie's  gravesite later that evening.


The sun sets over Carnegie.
Beautiful ending of a special day for a special man, Freddie.

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