Hawaii 2002


Hawaii 2002

In March of 2002 we traveled back to Hawaii and our timeshare at Ka' eo Kai in Princeville for two weeks. We hiked our legs off. So many trails to explore. It was the whale watching time of year and we got views of them up close and in the distance.  We went art shopping and met Tabora, the artist whose work we fell in love with on our last visit.

Pretrip. Getting Biskit ready for his vacation with Terri, Mike,
and cousins of a different color! Golden.

Chester is ready for Cousin Biskit

Abe, Chester, Buddy, and BISKIT. Their fun begins!

We are official...boarding pass in hand.

The wait.

Our plane.

9 hours later we spot our destination thru the clouds.

Honolulu. We have arrived. Day One.

Tired but happy!!

We check out the beach area.


The beach near our hotel on Waikiki.

People watching along the walkways of Waikiki. Beautiful evening and perfect finish of a long day.

Sunset on Waikiki beach.

Day 2. Kauai Safeway. We stock up on food.

Hanalei shopping area.

Hanalei shopping area. Mt. Waialeale in the background.

Our timeshare unit.

Balcony off our bedroom.

Sunset on Hanalei Bay.


Day 3. Morning coffee on golf course.

Sunrise begins. Kilauea point in distance.

Our breakfast coffee spot.

Pool area.

Club house.

Hanalei bay in the clouds.

Kathie and Mike "Hang Loose" at Hanalei pier.

Mt. Waialeale in the clouds.

Day 4. Sunrise over Kilauea at coffee time.

Breakfast again!

We meet Hal.  He lives nearby and walks each morning.

Mt. Waialeale in the morning sun.

We meet Keoni at the Kahn gallery. We fall in love with Tabora paintings!

Day 5. Mike decides to learn to surf!

He actually stands up and rides the baby wave in!

Proof that he is a Surfer Dude.

Meanwhile, Kathie wins at bingo!

Bingo winner!

Day 6. Sunrise.

Hal. Breakfast time on the golf course.

Mike at club house.

Driving on the north shore headed to the Niwiliwili harbor.

Marina at Nawiliwili. Going to go whale watching later on in the afternoon.

Marriott on Kalapaki bay.  Beautiful resort

Ho Daddy surf mobile aka Rust bucket

Day 7. Driving to Kee Beach. Many one lane bridges to cross.

Lumahai beach.

The Bali Hai Rock on drive to Kee Beach.

Lumahai beach from road above.

We meet friends along the trail.

Kee Beach from above.

Napali coastline from trail.

Kee Beach.


Along the trail.

Day 8.  We take a helicopter ride around the island!

Take off from Lihue Airport on east side of island. Travel in a clockwise direction around the island.

Kilo Hana plantation.

Waimea Canyon

Western coastline.

Hanalei Bay in distance.

In the Waialeale crater. TONS of waterfalls.

Hanalei valley

Back to the airport.

Lunch at Dukes at Kalapaki beach area.

Ahukini pier.

Day 9. Breakfast with Hal on the golf course.

 Sunrise over Kilauea.

We hike the Kuilau Ridge trail. VERY MUDDY.

The Kuilau Trail is a great walk for enjoying the many species of plant life on Kauai. Follow the old road that turns into a trail that leads you to amazing panoramas of Makaleha Mountains. The beginning of the trail will introduce you to a variety of native and non-native plants. At about the one mile point you can take a break in a grassy field bordered by an Ohia forest, a picnic table and sweeping views of lush valleys and Mount Waialeale and the Makaleha Mountain Range.

The Kuilau Trail connects here to an east route that meets up with the Moalepe Trail. Further down the trail you will come to a wooden footbridge which crosses the Opaekaa Stream. The Kuilau Trail is located in the Keahua Arboretum. Follow Hwy 580 through the rural neighborhoods of Wailua and up into the forested park area of Keahua. The trail begins just before the park area on the right. Designated parking for about three cars is available. If parking is full drive a bit further and more parking is available within a short walk.

Breathtaking views.

Lunch shelter along the way.

Lush vegetation.

Gets more rainy and muddy. YUK.

On the ridge. Great views in both directions.

We return the way we came....only more muddy.

Day 10. We say Hi to Hal and his faux Mercedes. Quite the character.

It is overcast. We stop in Kapaa at a local fair.

Go to Smith's Tropical gardens and see the greenery.

Opaekaa Falls

Day 11. Hanalei Valley Overlook.

Although muddy looking, we decide to hike the powerline trail.

Starts ok.

The Power line Trail is a spectacular yet difficult trail that can be accessed from either the North Shore or the upper East Side in Wailua. The hike literally cuts through the island and gives you a spectacular view of the islands interior as well as distant sweeping ocean views.

The Power-line Trail from the North Shore starts at Kapa Ka Street, up the road from Princeville Ranch Stables. The beginning of the trail is at the start of a dirt road used to access the electric transmission lines for maintenance, the route follows the eastern boundaries of Halelea Forest Reserve, ending near the Keahua Forestry Arboretum in the upper Wailua area where you can cool off in a mountain fed swimming hole with a rope swing.


Soon we encounter LOTS of mud.


Incredible views as we get higher.  You can see the powerlines overhead.

We have the trail to ourself.

On the ridge.

The "Tooth" mountain...as we named it.

More mud as we continue.

On the ridge we can see in both directions. Out to the ocean.

We get back to the parking area and wash our shoes in the stream.

Stop at the Coconut Grove shopping area. Hula girls dancing.

We spot a Ho-Daddy Surf Mobile.  Rust bucket.

Day 12. We visit Hal's in the morning.

Lots of birds near the ocean as have some morning coffee.

We stop at the Kilohana Plantation as we make our way to the Koloa

We find a trail that leads to a swimming hole.

The hidden swimming hole is found. Lots of people enjoying.

We make it to the town of Koloa and go shopping.


Keoni Kahn at the Tabora gallery.

Day 13. We start with a view over Kapaa and the ocean.

We decide to make a 6 mile hike in Koke'e National Park.

The trail follow one of the "fins" of the Napali coast taking you to steep cliffs overlooking the ocean.


The Awaawapuhi Trail will take you on an ultimate journey as you ascend from 4,120 feet elevation in the Kokee State Park to the valley rim of Nualolo and Awa’awapuhi valleys at 2,500 feet. The trail will lead you through rain forest, high desert like terrain and to some of the most awe inspiring vistas on Kauai’s Napali Coast. Awa’awapuhi Trail is a continual downhill hike from the trail head to the grassy clearing overlooking the valleys.

We get further along and have open views of the mountains and ocean.

Lush vegatation.

We take a side trip, along a cliff edge to a water fall and overlook.

Beautiful waterfall.

I was scared of the steep drop off along this part of the trail. BUT, I did it.

Breathtaking views.

Near the end of this trail. Can see the lush valley and "fins" that continue to the ocean.

We continue.

At the top, we stretch.

Have a snack under a shelter.

Making our way back. The scary part AGAIN.

Back at the car, taking off the shoes.

We stop at overlooks in the Waimea canyon on our drive back.

End of a great vacation!


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