Kauai-week one

Kauai has remained our favorite destination place since our first visit in 1999 with friends Ken and Debbie. We never tire of doing some of the same things each time we visit; going to the same beaches, repeating our favorite hikes, watching the exquisite sunrise over Kilauea, and eating at the same restaurants. BUT we never fail to discover something new.  Having Johnny with us on this trip is a real treat because we get to play "tour guide" and show him the wonders of this awesome little island. We know he will end up wanting to come back just as we do.

Mike at the Lihue airport. We arrive Friday evening after dark and miss seeing
the  beauty of the island during our hour drive to Princeville on the northern coast.

We wake the next morning to a spectacular sunrise and the exquisite beauty of Kauai.

Our first morning we discover the abundant bird life wanting to share in our breakfast time.
 Chickens (Jungle Fowl to the Hawaiians) seem to rule here. In fact, unless hit by a car, there is a $500 dollar fine for
killing one.

Doves raid our breakfast table.

A chicken actually steals  Mike's toast.

Johnny and Mike near the clubhouse at our timeshare at Ka' e O'kai.

Scenic point overlooking the taro fields near Hanalei.

Mike and Johnny on the Hanalei pier.

Rugged northern coastline near Princeville.

The Kilauea lighthouse is the northernmost point of the main Hawaiian islands and also a National Wildlife Refuge home to a diverse population of nesting seabirds and the only such sanctuary in the islands.

Small rocky island by Kilauea lighthouse.

Nesting albatross at the Wildlife refuge.

Mike and Johnny by the pool near the clubhouse.

Mike checks out the ocean scene. Seems like he is
missing the incredible sky over his right shoulder.

Johnny and Mike at Kalapaki beach.  This is one of our
favorite spots to hang out for lunch, watch the
surfers and enjoy the lush landscape

Mike and Kathie at Kalapaki.

We take a drive to view  Opaeka'a Falls a pretty cascade about 150 ft. high, along
'Opaeka'a Stream, in Kapa'a on the east side of Kauai.

We head on to check out the Wailua Falls.
 This waterfall was  used on the old TV show, Fantasy Island.

Monday we make the long drive to Waimea Canyon.
This is the largest canyon in the Pacific and truly a dramatic sight to behold.

Johnny, Kathie, and Mike at an overlook.
The canyon measures 10 miles long, 1 mile wide, and more than 3,500-feet deep.

Canyon view from scenic overlook.


View of Kalalua valley on the Napali coast.
  At 4,000 feet the air here is much cooler than along the coast or in the valleys.
The Kalalua is the  largest valley on Na Pali and was inhabited until 1919.
This lookout provides great views of the Pacific.

Mike and Johnny at our trailhead.

Hiking ....

View of the trail.

Falls at trail end..

Mike on trail near Ke'e Beach the next day.
Another one of our favorite spots. Beautiful views of the rugged coastline.

Looking down into the ocean from the trail.

View of Napali coast from the trail near Ke'e Beach.

While Mike and Johnny spend a day visiting
Pearl Harbor, I stay home and relax!

Our condo has a great wrap around deck with
plenty of lounge furniture.

View from our deck.

Pictures from the guys' Pearl Harbor visit.

The Missouri Battleship

On board the ship..

Waikiki waterfront.

Smokestack from sunken Arizona.
The sky in Hawaii is often beautiful. Whether it is sunrise, sunset, or just clouds, I always enjoy taking pictures of the "heavens".

Ocean and moonlight

Dusk over the Hanalei mountains.

Evening sky at Princeville.

Moon over Princeville at sunrise.

Full moon over Princeville golf course.

Sunrise .

Colorful morning sky.

Johnny and Mike in Sunshine helicopter waiting area.

Our "copter"
The helicopter pilot flew us over the entire island. We started at the Lihue airport and flew clockwise, passing over Poipu, Waimea canyon, Napali coast, into Waialeale crater, Hanalei bay, East Kauai and then back to the airport. The views were spectacular and I think the only way to "really" see the total beauty and diversity of Kauai.

Images from above....

The Napali

Flying into the Waimea Canyon

over the canyon...

Into the crater.


Crater waterfalls. Huge.  There is another
helicopter almost in the middle of the screen.


Beaches on east Kauai.

Rainbow over Hanalei Bay.

Mike and Johnny on Poipu Beach. We stop here after our
"copter" flight and before the evening luau.
A BUSY day.

Spouting Horn near Poipu.

Hawaiian drummer at luau.

Mike jives with his Mai Tai at the Kilohana luau!

Mike and Johnny hike beyond this sign. I stay behind.
Queen's Bath is carved into a lava shelf the size of several large swimming pools. The government has recently closed this site during the winter months due to law suits from tourist who have been hurt from natural conditions

Gushing waves break over rocks at Queens Bath.


Dangerous, powerful, yet beautiful.

Water falls on Queens Bath Trail.

Mike and Kathie at Secret Beach.

Secret Beach. Our last day on Kauai.
This beach is about 1.5 mi. long with fine white sand, black lava rock and stunning cliff backdrops.

Lumaha'i Beach stared in the film  South Pacific.


The beach is a well over a half  mile long, slightly crescent shaped, and  gorgeous.  The east end of the beach has dramatic rocks with huge crashing waves.

Last shot of the two Kahuna's

Mike performs with Hawaiian Singers while we wait for our flight to the Big Island !
Bye Kauai...we love you.....

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