Tahoe Ski Trip 2002


 The Guys go Skiing

In the winter of 2002 Mike and his buddies Johnny and Pete went skiing at Lake Tahoe. The weather was beautiful except for one stormy day.

Lake Tahoe

The Marriott at Heavenly


The boys buy "fuel"

Johnny takes shopping quite seriously...

...as well as his reading material

Ski gear is rented

Pete outside the rental store

Johnny trying to look intelligent

Pete just looking like himself

Johnny proud he can get himself dressed

Pete struggling to dress...

Johnny taking one last toke before he hits the slopes.

Pete ready to put on his skis.

Mike ready to head down.

Pete and Johnny in front of the trail map.

Pete is happy at break time

Johnny...is looking uptight ?

Eating area at base

Base area

Mountain views

Ski runs seen from the city

Mike begins his attempts at

Johnny "feeling good"


Another attempt.....


Pete and Johnny next to Lake Tahoe

The snow storm


Mike and Pete after the storm


Mike and Johnny overlooking lake

Mike with Tahoe as a backdrop

.....more beauty

Johnny primps in the morning...

Pete stretches.....

...Mike tries another self-portrait...

...and gets dressed

Johnny and Pete on the lift

 Lake Tahoe from the lift

Johnny primping in the shower

The "jet engine" toilet

Breakfast time

Team work in the kitchen

Johnny in the locker room

Pete at the top

Driving around the lake

Mountain top panorama

Mike gives it one last shot

Mike and Pete after a long day

Pete and Mike at happy hour


Mountainside restaurant

View of the lift

Going home, the fun is over


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