Tim's  Wedding


Tim and Gena's Wedding

Mike and I traveled to Ohio to attend my oldest nephew Tim and Gena's wedding June 11, 2011.  Tim and his new bride met years ago when my sister Sherri, after working with Gena at a health food store, fixed them up. Every mother's dream. Years have gone by, Tim and Gena have finished college, began their careers, and finally decided to “tie the knot”. The wedding was held outside at a beautiful old country estate.  After storming all week, the weather ended up being perfect  the wedding day. The reception was held outside afterwards with plenty of delicious food, music, dancing, and fun!

The wedding was held at The Birch House. A five acre estate set in the midst of a park like
atmosphere near Xenia, Ohio used for retreats, weddings and special occasions.

Rehearsal the day before

Chip, Chuck and Hilary

My family members chat before the wedding.
Amy, Daniel, Mom, Dad, Aunt Carol

Nephew Daniel

Music man sets up

Mike, Melissa, Todd

Tim's proud parents. Chip and Sherri

Uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie

Melissa, Uncle Mike, Aunt Kathie

The "Sanctuary" begins filling

Picture perfect setting.

Carol, Mom and Dad in front row.

Uncle Mark looks on.

The ceremony begins.
Tim and brothers Daniel and Jonathan

The Wedding Men

The Wedding Women

The Flower girl.

Tim looks on.....

Here comes the beautiful bride!

Close up of Gena's boquet.


"Pastor" Sherri opens service.

Gena's mother reads from Luke.

Chip reads from Song of Solomon.

Gena's vows to Tim.

Juls and Gena embrace.

Tim's vows to Gena

  Ring exchange.

The "Kiss". Man and Wife.

The reception tent. Lots of food.

Family table.

Paula, Gena, Ashleigh

Amanda and Andrew

Gena and Ashleigh

Juls and her "little guy" dance.

Sharon, Ashleigh and Juls

Simon, Ivan and Asleigh

Gena dances with her father.

Gena and Tim dance

Gena and Tim dance....

and twirl.

Sherri and Tim boogey!

Group dance

The band and dance area


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