Days 1-3


 Our Anchorage Pictures, Days 1-3

We spent the first three days of our vacation in Anchorage where Mike lived as a youngster. Visiting his old house we observed the change in Anchorage since 1963 when they moved away one year prior to the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake. We watched a documentary movie at the museum in town that showed the dramatic effects caused by the great quake the way streets were cleaved, buildings toppled, and house broken up.
Here's our rental car license plate as proof we're really here for all you doubters.


Here's a shot of Mike taken at Earthquake Park on Cook Inlet. The city of Anchorage sits at the base of the Chugach Mountains in the background.
2 a.m. view from our hotel window!
View from Anchorage hotel window at 2 a.m.  Very beautiful, but weird.
Fourth Avenue serves as Anchorage's main drag.
Much of this street had to be rebuilt after the 1964 earthquake.
Kathie on Fourth Avenue with "Matanuska Mike", her new man.
Here's a shot for Mike's family. This is where we lived on Elmendorf Air Force Base from 1960 - 1963.
A close-up of the Smith Family Mansion where Mike lived while he went to junior-high school.
Mike's dad worked on Air-Rescue helicopters in the Air Force at Elmendorf. This one is retired from service and is on display at the gate to the base. It may actually be one he worked on while we lived there. It's the same type.
Fishermen line the banks of Ship Creek, right in town, to catch the King Salmon that are beginning to spawn. We saw two big ones caught in about fifteen minutes while we watched.
Mike waves "Hello" from downtown Anchorage.
One last pass thru the Visitor Center on 4th Ave. This site was rebuilt after being destroyed in the 1964 Earthquake.

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