Cruise Days 9-21


 Our Cruise on the Coral Princess

Our final week was cruising on the Coral Princess from Steward to Vancouver.

We take one last look at Anchorage before cruise day.
The Cook hotel is the staging place for luggage and travelers. From there we board a bus for a long drive to Whittier where we will board the ship.
The long but "quick" boarding line in Whittier . Princess Cruises has everything organized and made easy for the travelers.
On the dock.
Our room aboard the ship, small but it had everything we needed.
Calling home to tell the family we are on board and on our way!
Ships pool area. Since this is Alaska, not much of an environment for tanning.
The Glaciers.
Kathie on deck.
Lots of beautiful sites as we sail in Glacier Bay.
Our eating area ...front seat!  Catching the views of glaciers, whales, birds, beauty while keeping warm.

The noise as the glacier breaks is ear splitting.
Another view of our eating area.
Coming into Skagway our first stop.
Our Ship.
Skagway is a colorful old town. Lots of souvenir stuff.
An old railway snow removal machine.
We take a train to the Canadian border.

View from the train.
Juno, stop number two.
Mendenhall Glacier.
We get someone to take our pictures with Mendenhall glacier as backdrop.
We hike thru a rain forest near the Mendenhall glacier. Unreal.

Stuffed Eagles.
Delicious Salmon Bake lunch outside in Juno.
Juno. Get there only by air or water. Capital of Alaska.
Fog in the water.
Ketchikan. Stop number 3.
A VERY wet city.
We take a boat ride to view totem poles and lighthouses nearby.
Atrium in ship.
Sunny day as we cruise toward Vancouver.
We pass a HUGE barge. Notice the RV and truck stacked on top.

Coming into Vancouver.
Vancouver is a beautiful city.
We say goodbye to our cruise ship, Vancouver, and catch flight back home.

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