Dayton 2008
William "Billy" Hobbs


Dayton 2008

In 2008 Mike and I traveled to Ohio two times. One to help my parents move and the second for my nephew Billy's funeral. In June Mike and I went to visit my family in Dayton, Ohio. The trip had been planned for quite some time and was going to be the typical hanging out, playing cards, eating, watching movies and generally having a relaxing time with everyone. The week before departing, however, my parents surprised us by announcing they were selling their home, moving to a retirement community, and could use our help packing and getting things ready for the sale of their house. Wow. Needless to say the visit took on a different "flavor" and we spent our visit in "hard labor" and work clothes! Though there was plenty of stress and short tempers experienced by all, the fruits of our collective toils paid off and their house sold two days after our leaving to the first person that viewed it! Mike and I did manage to squeeze in some "fun" with the family including celebrating Fathers day with Big Daddy. Just 3 months later we returned when my precious nephew Billy died. A very sorrowful time.

Big Daddy
We celebrate Fathers' Day lunch at Bob Evans.

The family outside Bob Evans restaurant.
Gloria, Billy, Debbie, Dad, Mark, Sherri, Mom, Tim, Chip

My visit would not be complete without taking  pictures of the important four legged members of my family.

Miss Scarlet, Sherri's doggie.
(Ruby wouldn't stand still for her photo)

Honey Bear, Debbie's doggie.

Princess Buffy, Mom's doggie

  Biskit enjoying his day in the park before
we leave for Ohio. What a mess!

Cookie in the park, not quite as dirty as Biskit.

My parent's current home with it's beautiful yard.

Mike helps Dad clear out the attic.

A closet of precious puzzles before packing.

The stack of packed boxes begins to grow.

Their new home-front view.

Another front view.

Backyard view.

Another backyard view.

Mom and Dad in their new living room. Pretty empty!

My niece Melissa and Debbie.

Me and Mom.

Melissa's husband Jason.

Little Alec. Jason and Melissa's son.

Mark, Debbie's husband.

Melissa and Mike.

Debbie's home.

The gang in Debbie's living room.
Debbie, Mike, Jason, Melissa, Alec, Mark, Billy.

Sherri and Mike on her patio.

Sherri's newly remodeled kitchen.

Biskit with his new toys from my Mom. He is in heaven!

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