Dayton 2009


Dayton 2009

Mike and I visited my family TWO times in 2009. What a treat. In June I spent almost two weeks there before Mike joined me. Sherri, Debbie and I had some quality sister time together in a cabin near Hocking Hills State Park.  My week visit in October was also packed with fun. I got to visit my Aunt Carol and Inez in Wadsworth, celebrate Chip's and my birthday with a party at Sherri's, make a bunch of jigsaw puzzles, eat too much food, and play HOURS of card games! Heaven.

Mike, Kathie, Dad and Sherri at Dayton's Carillon Park  in October.

Do you recognize Chip and Sherri?

Aunt Carol, Inez, Debbie, and Sherri in Wadsworth. October visit.


Sherri stops for "ice cream"

We spot an unusual dead tree on our drive to Amish country south of Wadsworth. Someone has put some
time and talent carving and painting all these animals.

  A backside view.

A beautiful maple in majestic fall color.



Debbie and Mark

Sherri and Chip smooching.

Kathie and Mike.

Hocking Hills Cabin. Sherri prepares dinner.

Hocking Hills Cabin. Rustic and relaxing.

Queen Buffy in her bed.

Deb, Inez and Kathie. June visit to Wadsworth.

Debbie, Inez, and Carol.

Gina and Tim.

Mark and Debbie.

Jason and Melissa.

Fathers Day party at Sherri's.
Mike, Dad, Mom, Chip, Melissa.

Alec and Riley.


Billie's gravesite.


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