Dayton 2010


Dayton 2010

Visits home to Ohio are full of fun and activity. This year I made the journey several times, the first to surprise my mom on her birthday and the second just a general time to play games and hang out with everyone. In  September  I traveled back to have a Sister trip
in a cabin at Cowan Lake. Just the three of us!

Newly painted toes! 
Sister trip 9-2010

Debbie and Kathie

Debbie and Sherri

Our Cowan Lake Cabin

Kathie and Sherri

Cabin setting



In September 2010 we planned a sister trip to
Cowan Lake in southern Ohio. Just a time for
the three of us to get away, play games, watch
chick-flicks, snack, hike, nap, shop, stay up late,
and TALK .

Sherri posing in her "famous" style.
We went for a walk one beautiful morning at a nearby park.

   Picnic pavilion

Park pond with walkway.

Sherri "free" from her leash.

Buffy asleep in her "coffee table nest".

Nephews Jonathan and Daniel

Jason and Alec

Debbie and Mark 5-10

Sherri and Chip 5-10


Sherri and Buffy play cards!

Sherri, "Big Daddy", and Kathie

Daddy's "Angels"

The McDougall "Chicks"

New skinny Debbie

Mom on her birthday


Dad, Debbie, Sherri, Buffy, and Mom.  4-10


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