Dayton 2013


Dayton 2013

Visits home to Ohio are full of fun and activity. After quitting my job of 17 years in April of 2013 and before selling our home in Arlington,TX and moving across the country to beautiful Sedona, AZ, I made a 3 week trip to Ohio to visit my family. What a great time.

4 generations celebrate at Red Lobster. Melissa and Kendall, Debbie, Sherri, Kathie and Dottie.

Debbie and Kendall

Mom and Kendall

Debbie's backyard after removing the pool. A new area to beautify.

Tim's birthday.

Cute Kendall

Melissa showing us Kendall's beautiful bedroom.

Mom with her great granddaughter Kendall.

   Alec's room.

Melissa and Kendall. Kendall wouldn't hold still.

Dad and granddaughter Melissa and great granddaughter Kendall.


Aunt Carol and Sherri talk in my aunt's beautiful and colorful home.


Carol's little house in the woods.

Debbie, Kathie, and Sherri in Carol's yard.

My grandmother's dog Waggie's old home.

My grandmother's old home. Once pristine, now vacant and falling apart. Very sad.

The kitchen my grandmother spent so many hours making her
delicious meals in. Lots of memories made here.

Inez. Like an aunt. Our lifelong friend. We visit her in the nursing home she
moved to after becoming ill.


Debbie, Carol and Sherri in Carol's yard.


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