Dayton 2014


Dayton 2014

I was able to make two trips to Ohio in 2014. The first was in May by myself. Of course it SNOWED the first day I was there. Very unusual for that time of year. The second trip was in October after Biskit died.  Mike and I drove across the country stopping in Oklahoma to visit Pat and Jan and then on to Ohio. A great trip, but way too much time in our little car.

Family gathering at Amy's.

Snow day in May at Debbie's house.

Billie's grave.

Easter Basket

Melissa's  home.

Melissa's house.....a work in progress. LOTS of work I might add.

The Girls. Sherri, Melissa, Kendall, Debbie, and Mom.

Amy's home.

Sweet Willie.

Mom at Amy's


Cookie at Mom's

Sherri's home

The Gals. Sherri, Ruby, and Bunny.

Sherri's living room


Melissa and Sweet Kendall

Debbie and Kendall


My family.

Melissa, Kendall, and Kathie

Mom, Cookie, Dad.

Spring day at Billie's resting spot.


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