Hawaii  2004


 Hawaii 2004

In late July 2004 we traveled to the Garden Island of Kauai where we spent two spectacular weeks, the first just the two of us, the second joined by our fellow adventurers and friends Donnie and Cindy. We hiked a couple of new trails, prowled isolated beaches, explored new territory, revisited our favorite spots, and spent much time eating, laughing, and enjoying each other.
We were jet-lagged big-time when we arrived, but  dragged ourselves to Kenomene Beach at sunset about a 15 minutes drive from the condo.
The poi producing taro fields of Hanalei Valley seen from the overlook at Princeville.
Kathie and I hiked the Molaepe Trail one morning. It had several muddy stretches similar to this one, but it led to a great spot with a view of Mt. Wai'ale'ale.
We ate lunch outside at one of our favorite restaurants while we watched the surfers at Kalapaki Bay in Lihue.
Here come a few shots of the Marriott in Lihue. This is a sidewalk scene on the ocean side of the hotel.
Here's Mike standing on a balcony overlooking the pool.
Here's a better shot of the pool.
The hotel is beautifully landscaped.
Looking along the beach at Hanalei Bay towards Mt. Wai'ale'ale, the volcano the created the island.
They held outrigger canoe races at Hanalei Saturday morning. We have a friend on one of the teams.
Each canoe club had a tent set up for its team's headquarters. There were 5 or 6 clubs racing this day. This is quite a crowd for Hanalei Beach.


This was the morning Donnie and Cindy were to arrive. We left the races to meet them at the airport in Lihue. They flew first class for free all the way from Arlington because Donnie retired from American Airlines last year.
Donnie and Cindy had been to Kauai about 20 years ago, but had never been to this part of the island. Here Donnie looks back towards Princeville through one of the telescopes at Kilauea Lighthouse.
We got up early several times to watch the sunrise from the cliff on the golf course above the ocean.
We spent a scenic day driving to Kokee State Park at the other end of the only road that goes around the island. The elevation there is about 5,000 feet. Here's a shot of Kathie and Cindy in the clouds that were there that day.
This is the wonderful view we got of the beautiful Kaulalau Valley. Totally worth the 2 hour drive.
Now we're below the clouds looking into Weimea Canyon.
Here's a group shot at the Weamea Canyon overlook.
Standing on the edge of the canyon.
Donnie rides the camel statue at the Marriott.
Kathie and Cindy hiking up the trail after a visit to the Queen's Bath.
Donnie of the Jungle.
Contaminating the Hawaiian water supply.
We hiked up to an overlook on the north shore for a view down the Na'Pali Coast.
We stayed at the Na'Pali viewpoint till sunset to take a few pictures. It was after dark by the time we hiked back down to the car.
Sunrise on the golf course the next morning.
This is a shot of the Hanalei Pier at sunset. They killed Frank Sinatra in a gun battle on this pier in the movie "None But the Brave".
Donnie videotapes a Hanalei Bay sunset.
Here's a shot of the golf course at Princeville for Mike Lee. Mike and Terri kept Biskit and Cookie while we were gone. Thanks guys!
Hawaiian dude pops out of a tunnel.
We forced Donnie to go on another short hike near Wailua. This is the trailhead sign for the Kuamoo-Nounou Trail.

(The spell-checker HATES these names.)

Donnie, Cindy and Mike at the picnic shelter on the trail.
Donnie gives me a lesson on how to be kool.
Naturally, I can't get it right.
Kathie sitting on the lava rocks at Secrets Beach near Kilauea.
Donnie sitting on the lava at Secrets Beach. If you look closely you can see the Kilauea Lighthouse on the flat shelf in the distance.
Kathie and Cindy having supper in the parking lot at the Secrets Beach trailhead. We got back to the car after dark (again). Twilight is very short at Hawaiian latitudes. It's easy to get caught in the dark by surprise.
Mike and Donnie snacking at the trailhead.
Nighttime group shot in the parking lot.
Cindy and Kathie watch another sunrise at the golf course.
Donnie and I drove to Koloa where we rented ATV's for a morning.
Here's a shot of the ATV group taken at an old sugar mill.
Mike and Donnie pose on a field used in "Raiders of the Lost Ark, and "Jurassic Park".
Mike on the ATV at the Wilcox Tunnel. This tunnel was built to help the sugar cane trucks get through the mountains easier.

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