Hawaii 2008
"Big Island"


Hawaii 2008

Mike celebrated his 60th birthday in Hawaii this November.  His good friend and ski buddy Johnny spent the first week of our vacation with us on the island of Kauai. This is our all time favorite travel destination and it was a pleasure to have company to share it with. The second week Mike and I explored the Big Island of Hawaii. We found it to be extremely different than Kauai but beautiful and interesting in its own way. Kauai is all about lush green mountains, tropical landscapes, and waterfalls. The Big Island is all about volcanoes and the rugged lava-rock terrain they leave behind. I took almost 1000 pictures-way to many to put on a website. I chose the best ones from each day of our adventures to share and remember.

Click here to view our Kauai pictures.

Click here to view our "Big Island" pictures

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