Kathie's Photos


Pictures of friends, family, places, and things I find interesting. I don't have them in any particular order.


Finland winter scenes

Charlotte and Andy 2011

Charlotte and the cows.

Cindy and Ryan-  Muddy Run  2011

Cindy, with sisters and mom. Women of Faith 2011

Cindy, Ryan, Justin at the "Keyhole"
Hiking adventure in Colorado 2011.

Cindy, Ryan, Parks, and Anden-Royal Gorge

Kathie, Debbie, Inez  10 2011

Carol, Debbie, Inez, Sherri  10 2009

Intelligent Westie.

Carol and her girls, Jenny and Stacy  7/2011

Amy, Troy and the girls.

Jade, Chester, and Reagan.

Greg, Andrea, Ollie and Isabel

The Family plus a little bear!

Barb 2011

Andrea's Bucket Boy "Ollie"  2011

Paul and Barb

Molly, Bar, Naomi, Hannah.

My friend Andrea when she was a young cow girl...

Andrea going Mexican....

Terri and Doris 1-2010

Terri, Doris, Kathie. Midland trip  1-2010

Cindy, Sybil, Kathie, April
Women of Faith 8-2010

Sybil 2010

Pantego Community group men and ladies

Arlington pregnancy center banquet . 10-2010
Joanne, Kathie, Georgia

Joanne, Kathie

Jenny and Randy

Jenny and family.

Debbie and Dan

Debbie, Dustin, and Kyan.

Sunset on the Gulf-  by Tom Chitwood

Andrea, Greg and Isabel. 1 year old.

Andrea and Isabel checking out the "guys"..??????

Dog.  Mans' best friend....... or not.

Mike and Jade

Jennifer and her man.

Doris at her new place in McAllen, Tx.  2-2010

Doris and Kathie on outdoor patio.  2-2010

Mike, Terri, Chester and Jade. McAllen, Tx 2-2010

Kathie, Terri and the Goldens. 2-2010

Andrea, Kathie, Isabel. 01-2010

Grandpa Tommy and Isabel. 01-2010

Mommy and little Santa Isabel- 2009

Daddy and little Santa-2009

Terri's new home in McAllen, Tx  2009

New Addition
Jenny's Joseph

Andrea at 31 weeks

The Mommy and newborn! 6-09

New Addition
Andrea and Greg's little Isabel

Greg, Andrea and Isabel

My 4th grade class! I am top row, 3rd from left.
People I remember in picture from top left to right: Mrs. Barb Bennett, Rhonda Peters, Kathie McDougall, Tom Stewart, Jenny Needham, Melody Pansing, ?, Chris Winteregg, Theresa Wolfe, Dennis Moore, ?, Yvonne Demoss, Sherry McDermott, Wayne Kral, Greg ?, Christie ?, Kaye Stevens, Debbie Adams, Margaret Ketring, Kathy Spitzig, Nancy Wagoner, Karen West, Susan Sims, Karen Swinger, Nancy Mann, Joy Hopkins, Mike Brammel, Bruce Dawson, Scott Kern, Jim Kuzma, Steve Turney, Chuck Weeks.

Susan, Kathie, Joanne, Helen at Clark's Garden
May 2009

Fountains at Clark's Garden
Mineral Wells, Texas

Parks as a "Couch Potato"

Donnie's fashion statement

April in front of her home

Cindy and Anden

April, Kathie and Cindy 2008

Anden and Paris

Martha, Joanne, Kathie
Women of Faith conference 8-2008

Terri and Doris
Las Vegas 9-2008

Danielle, Jillian and Christopher - 2008.

Cooking with Christopher.

Georgia and her family 2008.

Cindy and her gang -2008.

Amy  and family

Cindy and Family

Caleigh, Susan and Troy 2008

Father's Day at Bob Evans Restaurant with the "Clan" 2008

My girlfriend Georgia
when she was young and wild!

Jen on her Niagara Falls trip.

Deb, Mike and the dogs in our front yard
before we walk to visit Fred at the Plaza.

Mike, "Mr. Maximum", lecturing Fred and Deb.

Donnie sits at his BEAUTIFUL refinished
kitchen table.

Kathie in Las Vegas with Terri and friends. 12-2007

Dave, Danielle, Jillian, Renardis, Christopher
 Christmas 2001

Doris, Terri, Mike, Buddie, and Chester 2005

Mike and Kathie
on train to Grand Canyon 2003

 3 Generations
Debbie, Kathie, Inez, Sherri, Dot
Grandma Hofer, Aunt Helen

Georgia and her mom Janet

Brighton after playing in powder!

Kathie and Children-Cookie and Biskit

Kathie and Kitten

Julia, Krista, Brighton-2006

My Girlfriend Cindy with tiny newborn grandson Anden

My Girlfriend Georgia known as "GG" to her adorable grandson Colin

Krista and Julia-2003

Mike, Kathie, Cookie, Biskit and Katie at our neighborhood park. Deb was visiting and we were taking our morning walk around the neighborhood with the dogs.

"Soul Sisters" Kathie and Terri 2008

Debbie, Sherri and Kathie
The Three McDougall Sisters-2007

Inez and Kathie -Lifelong Friends
Taken during my visit to her home in Wadsworth- 2007

Jade and Chester
 Terri's Goldens in their Christmas bandanas

Terri and Kathie
During our trip to Las Vegas I got to spend an afternoon with my best friend Terri

Julia, Krista and Brighton
Christmas 2007

Kathie, Krista and Brighton
Christmas 2007

Terri and Kathie
 Bellagio-Las Vegas 2007

Terri and Mike
Bellagio-Las Vegas 2007

Georgia and Colin

Kathie with Parks and newborn Anden-2007

April and Cindy
at Anden's baby shower

Kathie and Colin (he looks scared!)

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