Days 4-6


 Our Kenai Pictures, Days 4-6

The Kenai Peninsula is Alaska's sportsman's paradise located at the edge of the "Pacific Ring of Fire". Wildlife of all types, glaciers, volcanoes, and scenery abound in this region. We visited the port towns of Seward and  Homer, and explored the entire peninsula.
We drove along the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet headed for Seward on the Kenai Peninsula.


It was an overcast afternoon for the drive. The snow on the mountains is melting, but there is plenty left.
Mike wanted to go to Mt. Aleyska where he skied as a young boy. We rode the tram to the top and had lunch in the mountain top cafeteria.
This is a view of the glacier-carved valley from the top of the tram.
Another shot of the mountain peaks surrounding the ski area at the top of the mountain.
We continued to the end of Turnagain Arm and crossed onto the Kenai Peninsula.
Viewing Kenai Lake as we drive along its coast.
Seward Windsong Lodge was our home for the next three nights. There was no internet connection, so our mighty web page fell behind.
Our room was in this building. Very rustic and smelled REALLY good.
Here is the view across the street from the Lodge. The clouds were just hanging over the mountains.
Here is a shot of  "beautiful" downtown Seward in the cold rain.
Kathie mushing a dog sled at Mile Zero of the Iditarod trail.
Seward was devastated by tsunamis caused by the 1964 Earthquake. Since then they have become tsunami aware.
We drove to Homer for a day. Here is a view across Cook Inlet where Mt. Iliamna and Mt. Redoubt, volcanoes in the "Pacific Ring of Fire" are hidden in the clouds.
Homer is about 150 miles from Seward. We spent the day going there and back, giving us a good look at most of the Kenai Peninsula.
This restaurant is at the end of Homer Spit next to the ocean.
Once back in Seward we visited the Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjord National Park.
Kathie posing in the middle of the road in the rain on the way to the glacier.
Kathie in front, the glacier in the distance.
The trail takes you to within feet of the glacier.
Kathie stands in front of the glacier waiting for Mike to tell her what to do.

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