Kitchen Remodel


Pictures of our Kitchen Remodel

These pictures were taken during our kitchen remodel that began July 10th, 2006 and was completed August 25, 2006 by Brittany Building Group. They made my dream come true!
Before and After
These next pictures show what our kitchen looked like before the project began.
Note the white tile countertops, white ceramic floor and white appliances.
High maintenance!
Note the cabinets that hang down obstructing the view and giving the kitchen a "closed in" feeling.
Our eating area walls were covered with  blue, purple and white wallpaper.
This hallway was painted white and had  natural wood casings around the doorway and baseboard. Check out the new view.
Our refrigerator was our marriage present from 1983!
The original microwave had died and this smaller one sat in the enclosure on some boards.
We packed up the entire house after being warned of the dust that goes EVERYWHERE during the remodel.

We are SO glad we did.


The cabinets came down first and then the furdown exposing the insulation in the attic.


The tile was the next to go, along with the old oven.
Reconstruction began with electrical work, recessed lighting,  followed by taping and bedding the new sheet rock.
The new quartz countertop was next, followed by re-hanging the old cabinets two inches higher. Also, new moldings above the cabinets and around the doorways AND two new drawers were made where the oven used to live.
Next the cabinets were cleaned up and refinished. They look like new!  A base coat of wall paint was applied to the whole area.
New pantry doors were installed and painted the base coat color.
Hardibacker was applied to the wall for the  backsplash. The "first" faux-finish was applied to the walls.
We didn't like the effect. Mike labeled it as looking like "smoke damage".
The new faux finish is applied. BEAUTIFUL! The backsplash is installed.
Biskit checks out the new floor tile job. His dirty feet prints will no longer show on this new tile.
The cabinets are done and new hardware installed.
Another shot of the almost completed project. You can see that our dining room is still "wrapped" up.
The eating area construction is complete. Window treatments, furniture and accessories are in the planning stages.
Another view of the eating area as well as the hallway that goes to the bedroom area.
Shots of the completed and decorated project.

The dining room is now unwrapped.

With the old cabinets gone, it feels more open.
Another view. Note that the cabinets are open above and rope lighting installed. The darker color of the countertop will be less of a cleaning issue!
Another view with new chair coverings
View from dining room to kitchen.
New picture, curtains, table and chairs complete the eating area.
Here is a view of the nice visual transition looking from the living room into the kitchen and hallway area.
A close up of our new table. We finally have replaced our contemporary furniture from the past. Compare to above photo.
Our new table that we bought in Asheville, NC. while on our East Coast vacation 2007.

Painting and Indian art piece (on right) we purchased on our 2009 trip thru Colorado and New Mexico.