Lake Tahoe 2006


Lake Tahoe 2006

In June 2006 we used our timeshare to visit the "Real" Lake Tahoe, California. We may live on Lake Tahoe in Texas but there is NO comparison. We stayed at the Kingsbury Tahoe on the Nevada side. The weather was exceptional allowing us to put miles on the car and our legs as we checked the area out. Lots to see and do including gambling at the Nevada casinos, eating at the variety of restaurants, shopping galore, hiking the nearby trails, riding the tram/ski lift to the mountain top and enjoying the pristine views of the Lake itself. Mike was using his new video cam so I was in charge of the camera and didn't take near enough pictures.....

Travelers Kathie and Mike. Downtown Tahoe.

Mike on the main street.

The casinos on the Nevada side offer good eating deals.

Bear totem pole in city center

View near city center

The Cal Va Rado motel sits on the state line.
**Notice the street sign**

We eat lunch at this Pub

Mike and a Bear.
The city was having some type of Bear contest.
Each business had an artistic bear displayed (all
using the same basic bear body). Mike thought
I was silly for wanting to take pictures of them so
I just got a few.

Kathie and a Bear


A tropical looking Bear.

Lots of colorful flowers everywhere we looked..


We take a stroll along the Lake.

Mike "shoots" from the marina.

The beaches have nice soft sand.

A touring riverboat.

View of Lake Tahoe.

Tram building with mountain in distance.

Mike filming me near tram

We take the ski tram to top of the mountain.

Tram and mountain view from city.

View of Lake Tahoe from tram.

Look-out deck from mid point on tram ride.

Winter Lift /Ski run info board.

View of Lake Tahoe and city from mountain top.

At the "Top"

Winter ski run map.

Trail map sign to Eagle Falls

Trail head marker

River rushing beside the trail.
This moderately easy trail is well marked and begins at Eagle Picnic Area, across Highway 89 from Emerald Bay. It's only about a third of a mile to the steel footbridge overlooking the falls and 2 miles round-trip (1 1/2-2 hr.) to Eagle Lake.

Eagle Lake is in sight ahead.

Mike on huge granite boulder.

Eagle Lake. BEAUTIFUL!!!


Another view of Eagle Lake

We take another hike....

Mike on trail as we head UP.
Bayview Trail
Offering magnificent views of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe, this steep trail leads you up the side of Maggie's Peak into Desolation Wilderness which  is the most heavily used wilderness area per acre in the United States. It contain 63,475 acres of sub-Alpine forests, granite peaks and glacial lakes and valleys. Portions of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail pass through this area.

Panorama view of mountains from ridge top.

Mike along trail.

Lake Tahoe in the distance

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