Our Texas Home
Kitchen Remodel


Our Texas Home

These are various pictures of our home, neighborhood, projects we have been working on, purchases we have made, and new decorating ideas. Probably not interesting to anyone but ourselves! We bought this house in December of 1993 and spent 20 years transforming it. Great neighborhood, close to Lake Arlington where we took Biskit and Cookie almost every day. We moved to Sedona, AZ in July 2013 after retiring from our jobs. Lots of memories we made in Texas.

Our home in Arlington, Texas

Mike and his Celestron

Our driveway star gazing site.
Complete with telescope, computer, binoculars and
"high tech" saw horse table.

Our tree lines street

Entrance to our neighborhood

Christmas Day 2009. A rare white one!

New Art from Colorado trip. 11-2009

Sunset on Lake Arlington.

Sunset on Lake Arlington with Kathie on pier.

Deb, Mike and doggies in front yard.  5-2008

Kitten on back deck. 12-2008

Raccoon capture in backyard. 10-2008

Possum capture in backyard. 10-2008

Living room

Entry way looking into dining room

Living room

Living room

Table and new art piece from Colorado

View into kitchen area from living room.

Kitchen in natural light

Kitchen with flash

Our new purchase from a Sedona gallery is the
contemporary iron crucifix.

The iron crucifix from another angle in our
kitchen eating area.

Front yard begonias looking good! 7-2008

Biskit in the snow 2-2004

Snow 2-2004. Very rare!

Biskit helps with a paint job. 2-2002

Cookie on the ice. 2-2003

Summer days

Blooming and fragrant "Star Jasmine"
on our driveway fence. Their sweet smell surrounded us
on our trip to Alaska. We came home and planted our
own so we can enjoy their aroma in Texas. 4-2008

Close-up of the Star Jasmine.

Backyard hot tub and Southwest Art Figures

New rock path by bird bath.

Our backyard deck in the spring. Everything is lush
and green this time of year.

Another view of our deck area.

Mike building shed

Completed shed! 5-2008

  Mike's walkway project behind the garage
before completion.

The walkway as viewed
looking into the back yard.

Biskit in the back yard.

Mike and brick planter box. 5-2008

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