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 Our Photo Gallery

This is where we'll post pictures of our family and other items of interest. They'll change from time to time as we come up with pictures we think you might enjoy seeing. Some photos are relatively new and others are older. Just an assortment.

Tim and Gena. Cathedral Rock in Background. 9-2015

Kathie, Gena, Tim. Beginning the Boynton Canyon hike.  9-2015

Mike and his jeep.

Johnny and Mike. 4-2015

Redrock views.

New Hot tub 3-2015

New Hot tub

Kathie and Mike on Ant Hill. 9-2015

Lava flow at Sunset Crater.


Mike, Gena, Tim.   9-2015

Mike at Schenbly Hill overlook

Power Vortex! 

Views from Schenbly Hill.

Sedona Sunset.


Tim and Mike at Grand Canyon.


Devils bridge

Gena, Kathie, and Mike  9-2015

Sherri and Buffy play cards. 4-2010

Beautiful Mommy! 4-2010

Dad, Deb, Sherri, Buffy, Mom. Mom's Birthday-April 2010


Kitten hiding in the tall grass.

Rare white Christmas Day 2009

New art piece from our Colorado trip.

Mike, Kathie, Dad, Sherri. Dayton 2009

Thanksgiving "chow time" 2009
Mike and Deb

Alec and Riley  6-2009

Inez and Sherri. 10-2009

Dad on Fathers Day 6-2009

Mike, Dad, and Mom
Fathers Day party at Sherri's  6-2009

Mark and Debbie   6-2009

Jason and Melissa   6-2009

Debbie, Inez, and Kathie
Wadsworth, Ohio  6-2009

Gina and Tim  6-2009

The cabin Sherri, Debbie, and I stayed in Southern Ohio
A "girls" trip!  6-2009

Buffy in her dog bed. 6-2009

Mike at Freddie's grave site 5-2009
Carnegie, Ok.

Medicine Park, Oklahoma 5-2009
On our way back from Carnegie, Ok.
Smith family photo taken at Dallas Museum of Modern art.
We met to check out the "King Tut" exhibit in April 2009.
Sherene and Lynn drove down from Oklahoma City, Brent and
Diane from North Richland Hills, Deb from Austin, Tx and
Mike and I from Arlington.


Kathie and Mike-2007

Deb and Freddie Oct 2008

Debbie, Sherri, Kathie, Dot, Carol. "Sisterhood"

Debbie, Kathie, Inez, Sherri, Dot
Grandma Hofer, Aunt Helen

Deb's beautiful back yard!

Deb's new house in Austin, front view.

Mike, Deb and the Dogs at the Plaza
near Fred's back door.

Fred after breakfast at I-Hop with us. 2007

Deb, Fred, Mike after breakfast at I-Hop. 2007

Mike in action on the slopes!

Sherri and Debbie -Sedona 2008

Crazy Sherri
and the Moose

Debbie, Kathie, and Sherri at Exposure Gallery
in Sedona 2008

Debbie, Kathie, and Sherri and the Red Rocks
of Sedona 2008

Mark, Honeybear, and Debbie 2005

Daniel and Billie 2002

Freddie relaxing.

Freddie relaxing somemore...

Mike and Kathie with Cookie, Biskit, and Katie at our neighborhood park. 2008

Kathie and Deb with Biskit, Katie, and Cookie at the boat dock on Lake Arlington.

Katie, Deb and Mike at our neighborhood park.

Katie with her new haircut.

Freddie and Pat during Pat's visit to Georgetown, 2003

Deb by her new "hot" red car!
She was leaving our home after a fun filled
weekend at our home eating and watching movies.

Mike, Jessie, Deb, Freddie, Kathie and Cookie at our home Christmas 2007.

Jessie, Deb, Freddie, Kathie, and Mike at Freddie's

Big Boy Biskit

Little Girl Cookie

Kathie holds Cookie while Biskit looks on. Taken at Mike's sister's place in Georgetown, Texas.

Mike and Kathie taken at an art gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

We enjoy hiking. This picture was taken by friends on a trail that follows the Na'Pali Coast on Kauai.

Mike along another Hawaiian trail.

Kathie Smiling

Kathie, Sherri, Carol and Debbie 2007

Debbie, "Big Daddy" and Sherri-2007

Kathie, Sherri, Inez and Debbie -2007

Melissa, Jason and Alec-2007

161 Third Street, Wadsworth, Ohio
The house we lived in as children

Whistler Ski Trip
Johnnie, Ken, Mike, and Mike Lowe

Sherri and Buffy Bee -2007

Kathie and Cookie in the Bluebonnets.

Kathie, Fred, Mike 6-2007
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