Arlington Plaza
Spring projects 2008


Pictures of Arlington Plaza

We took most of these pictures for Fred on Jan. 5, 2006 before he moved here from Georgetown. It only takes about 5 minutes to walk here from our house with both dogs in tow. Since then I have added more recent pictures of our visits with Deb.
Mike, Deb, Biskit and Katie at entrance of Plaza. This was taken Spring 2008 during Deb's visit.
Beginning a walk-around of the perimeter of Arlington Plaza.
A shot of the entrance taken from across Poly-Webb Road.
Fred, Deb, and Mike on their best behavior. Deb had come for a short visit and we walked over to bug Fred Sunday morning.

(Spring 2008)

The covered parking garage.
This way from the parking garage to the entrance.
Mike, Deb, and Katie. Take Spring 2008 near Fred's outside entrance.
If you look closely you can see Kathie and the dogs waiting for me, but it's a nice day so they don't mind.
Just another picture taken from across the street.
A look at the shady patios down the back side of the facility. Your patio is the second from the left, on the bottom floor, above the water reflections. It should be shady year around.
Mike, "Mr. Maximum", attempting to give orders to Fred and Deb during a morning visit in 2008. Not much attention is being given to his "finger".
Another shot looking back out toward Poly-Webb Road.
Kathie and the dogs still waiting patiently.
This shot of the living room was taken through the window so there's a little glare.