San Luis Obispo 2007


San Luis Obispo Vacation

In May 2007 we made a trip to the West Coast staying at our timeshare near San Luis Obispo, California. The weather was perfect. We spent several days exploring the various beaches and small towns in the area and also drove up Route 1 to San Simeon and toured the Hearst Mansion. Here are the few pictures I took. I guess I was having too much fun to look for photo-ops.

We took a scenic drive from the San Jose, Ca. airport to San Luis Obispo stopping at a Bear Gulch National Park for a short hike

Looking up the hiking trail

View of Avila Beach and ocean from our 5th floor condo

Another view from condo of a nearby golf course

Sunrise thru the fog

A View of our timeshare (the pink building)
from Avila Beach

Mike at Avila Beach

Looking down Avila Beach pier

Seagulls on pier let me get "close-ups"

Kathie at Ocean Dunes near Pismo Beach


Old Mission in San Luis Obispo

Sign on Old Mission Church

Inside the church

View of square from church steps

Riverwalk in downtown San Luis Obispo

Another Riverwalk view

We spent two days visiting the Hearst Mansion
at nearby San Simeon

Looking up at the entrance of Hearst Mansion

View of pool and surrounding area taken from steps of Hearst Mansion. Picture taking of inside was prohibited

Another view of the pool

One of the ornate entrances

Unusual fountain. The landscape was spectacular. I wish I had taken more pictures

View of the ocean in the distance from one of the many patios

Ocean view along our route 1 drive to San Simeon

Mike at ocean overlook from route 1

We spent a day hiking the Pinnacle Trail at Bear Gulch National park

Trail Marker

Mike along the trail. We began hiking around noon- probably the hottest park of the day.

Parts of the trail were so close to the rock edge that hand rails were installed. I was VERY thankful for them!

Another view near the top

This part of the trail had footholds chipped into the rock wall (like a ladder) with a hand rail to help pull yourself up. I was petrified but there was no turning back at this point!

The trail went thru a tunnel cut in the rock. Whoever designed this didn't let ANY obstacles get in the way!

Another day. Mike takes pictures of the "golden hills"

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