Sedona 2008


Sedona 2008

In April my sisters Debbie, Sherri, and I went on a special trip to Sedona, Arizona. It was a girls trip with Mike serving as our driver and all around protective "man" (he was GREAT). We stayed in our timeshare at the edge of town close to abundant red rock views, restaurants, and of course galleries and shopping! Here are a few pictures mostly of us girls. We rarely get to see each other so talking was the MAIN EVENT (poor Mike)!

Sedona. Red Rock paradise. Our Destination.

Debbie, Sherri, and Kathie at the Dallas Airport.
Debbie and Sherri flew in from Dayton, Ohio.

A view of the pool area from our balcony.

Mike on our balcony.

A view from the living room.

Debbie, Mike, and Sherri outside our front door.

The girls at the entrance of a unique shopping area full of creative, beautiful, and "artsy" expensive stuff.

  Lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Tlaquepaque area. The weather was perfect. We stuffed ourselves!

Debbie lounging on pricey, granite " Flintstone" looking chair.

Watching the girls Mike enjoys the sun.

A cool fountain.

Sherri has a Stallion encounter.

Debbie and Sherri sit at a fountain in Tlaquepaque.

Red Rocks at sunrise near our condo. Notice the two yellow hot-air balloons.

We stop for the views from the Oak Creek Canyon overlook on our way to the Grand Canyon.

Oak Creek canyon with Kathie and Debbie.

The Girls

The Grand Canyon on a clear day.


Debbie and Sherri pose on a  "driftwood" tree near the Grand Canyon rim.

An unusual tree for unusual women.

Mike at the Grand Canyon patiently enduring the women.

Debbie and Sherri call home from the Canyon Rim

Canyon View on a hazy day.

Sherri writes cards to family and friends. She looks so excited.

Mike and Debbie watch TV.

Debbie, Mike, and Sherri outside the "Chapel of the Holy Cross".

Girls and Red Rocks.

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a compelling Sedona landmark built in 1956. It rises two-hundred feet above ground surface between two red rock formations that accentuate its 90-foot tall cross. A massive stained glass window turns the it's interior into a kaleidoscope of brilliant color.

Near the "Chapel of the Holy Cross"

A bronze moose at "Exposure" gallery

 Sedona "Rocks"

 ..and rocks

...and  rocks!

Sunset view

Mike and the "Chicks"

Last Sunset for Sisters at Sedona.

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