Sedona 2015 with Jonathan


Sedona with Jonathan

My nephew Jonathan came for a very short visit while he was in Phoenix on business. Unfortunately, Mike was away on business himself, so Jonathan was stuck with Aunt Kathie for 2 days. We had a great time together, relaxing, eating, snacking, watching TV, sightseeing, hiking and just talking!  I did a pretty good job of showing him the essential sights of Sedona. Can't wait till he can come back when Mike is here and do some serious exploring!

Ant Hill panorama

Jonathan in our front yard

Kathie and Jonathan at Oak Creek Canyon overlook.

Oak Creek Canyon vista.

Jonathan at Oak Creek Canyon.

Jonathan. Ranger station in VOC.

Sedona airport overlook

Jonathan. Sunset at the airport overlook.

Red rock view along  Ant Hill Trail.


Jonathan at the top of Ant Hill trail.

Jonathan at Aerie Overlook at sunset.

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