Spotlight: January Fun!


January 2012 and Chip and Sherri arrive!   I had been excited anticipating their visit for several months and had meals lined up and some ideas for "activities". We ate in and out, played some new and old games, watched a bunch of  movies, fell asleep watching movies, roasted in the hot tub, took the dogs to the park, checked out the Fort Worth Stockyards, strolled thru Sundance Square, talked and laughed x1000, and slept as little as possible!   Great FUN!

Mike, Chip and Sherri at our neighborhood park.


Biskit relaxing at the park.



Mike, Kathie, Sherri , Chip, Biskit and Cookie



Biskit does some wading...



The long horn "round up" at the Stockyards.

At the Stockyards.

A cowboy

Look at them horns!!

Cowboy leads the cows.