Spotlight: October Stuff


 October , the beginning of fall, month of my birthday, always my favorite time of year. Mike and I finally got around to framing a picture we purchased in Hawaii back in 2010. Looks great in our TV room. I made another journey to Ohio to visit family and friends. Didn't take too many pictures.....but made lots of memories. Debbie and I traveled to northern Ohio and visited our special friend Inez who is now in a nursing home and not doing well. We stayed with my Aunt, played LOTS of games, ate her delicious meals and deserts, did some shopping in the picturesque town of Medina, enjoyed the amazing fall colors and then drove back to Dayton. Sherri had a birthday party to celebrate Chip and my birthdays and we spent the evening gorging on sweets and playing pinochle.

Our new picture, "We are Family". Too cute.


Biskit and Cookie....another  picture of our "children".


Dad in his office.




Precious Inez. (also Debbie and Me)

     Fall colors at my aunt's home.

A new ceramic creation
by Aunt Carol

Buffy staring down her dog treat.