Spotlight: Sisters!


Going through old family slides and photos, I found some precious pictures of Sherri, Debbie, and me. Sisters. They are just soo cute I felt the need to post them for others to adore!  Ha. It was a time of sweet memories as I put this page together. Some of the photos are over or underexposed, so not clear, but I included them anyway.

The McDougall Five

Sisters and Grandma Hofer.


Easter Girls


Sisters and Grandpa Hofer.


Kathie, Sherri and Dad.

Swinging in Grandma's basement.


Kathie celebrates!


Sherri bathing "baby".


Summer fun!


Sisters sing for Dad!

Easter Girls!


Kathie and Sherri "Rock"


Sherri looking cute!




Tailgate party.


Cookout at Grandma Hofer's

Christmas girls and their "Doll babies"


Party with Grandma Hofer and Inez!


Sherri gives the "evil eye".




Topless and reading the paper!


Another Christmas!


Mom and her girls..


Silly and Cute!


Sisters in Red at Christmas!


Play ball!




Paper dolls!


Sitting around. (a bad exposures)


What a wardrobe!


Meal Time.


Action....Debbie runs by sisters...


Line up.


3 Generations.