Spotlight: August Travels


  Mike and I made a LONG road trip to northern New Mexico for a "family reunion" to see his brother Pat and wife Robin as well as his sister Deb who came in from Austin. Not only is Pat's place beautiful, but the weather was fantastic, in the 70's compared to the searing 100's of Texas. I then made a trip home to Ohio to celebrate my  Dad's 85th birthday. My sisters knew I was coming but mom and dad did not so we devised a way to surprise them. I came to their door disguised as an old gypsy beggar woman  and COMPLETELY had them fooled. I think they would have called  security if I hadn't ripped the mask off!  Too funny.

Mountain valley in northern New Mexico

Pat and Robin's beautiful home and huge  greenhouse.

The "Smith Siblings"  Mike, Pat, and Deb.

Samson, the proud pet goose.

Mike at Cumbres Pass, 10,200 ft. near Pat's home.

Another shot of Pat's home. Lots of flowers.

 My Gypsy woman disguise,
OR me without makeup! Pretty scary.

     Dad and Mom at Lone Star steakhouse for his 85th!

Me and Dad.

              On my last night, Tim made us supper and we feasted on his covered patio.
Chip, Tim, and Sherri.

Tim and Gena's fabulous garden.

Tim and Gena's living room.