Spring projects 2008
Arlington Plaza


  Spring Projects

Mike has been doing some hard labor this spring. He took on building a new brick walkway behind our garage. This area had become a muddy mess. He tore out the old stepping stones replacing them with some "heavy duty" ones that should hold up over time. His success with the walkway gave him the desire to build a small shed in this area to store the lawnmower and other yard equipment. We found the perfect shed on-line. It came shipped in a huge box ready to assemble. After lots of instructions the completed shed is looking good and ready to be filled with "stuff".

New walkway and area before shrubs removed
to make room for the shed.

The shed arrives with a 32 page
book of instructions!

Shrubs are removed and area is prepped
for foundation.

 Pea gravel under cement blocks serve as
foundation for shed.

Mike puts it together!

The completed shed even looks "pretty".

Freshly completed path connecting with
the driveway.

Finished walkway, Mike works on
landscape redo.



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